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  On my page you can find photos I've made through the years. is in the air since November 2003.
   In the beginning I used the site for band/music photos only. As you can see now I use the site to promote all of my photos.

   In the different sections you can find all kinds of photos. In the future I will add different galleries of my shootings here and on Facebook.
   The newest music galleries can be found
on Flickr

   Please contact me if you want to hire me for shootings/promo photos etc. Send me an e-mail with your wishes and I'm sure we can arrange something.
(you can contact me in Dutch, English or German language)

Latest updates:

* Koyle, Top100 Live, Alphen (NL) -- 26.11.2016
* Baggio (TVOH), Top100 Live, Alphen (NL) -- 26.11.2016

* Feuerengel, Fluor, Amersfoort (NL) -- 12.11.2016
* Feuerengel, Hedon, Zwolle (NL) -- 11.11.2016

* Lord Volture, Extase, Tilburg (NL) -- 20.10.2016
 * Nice Try, MC Demonic Heads, Ratingen (D) -- 15.10.2016

 * Cone Club, Mehrgenerationenhaus, Mettmann (D) -- 24.09.2016

* Doel, Belgium -- 20.08.2016

* Vandenberg's Moonkings, Westerpop, Delft (NL) -- 16.07.2016
* Bourbon Street, Watt Rockt, Wattenscheid (Bochum) (D) -- 08.07.2016

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