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  On my page you can find photos I've made through the years. is in the air since November 2003.
   In the beginning I used the site for band/music photos only. As you can see now I use the site to promote all of my photos.

   In the different sections you can find all kinds of photos. In the future I will add different galleries of my shootings here and on Facebook.
   The newest galleries can be found
on Flickr

   Please contact me if you want to hire me for shootings/promo photos etc. Send me an e-mail with your wishes and I'm sure we can arrange something.
(you can contact me in Dutch, English or German language)

Latest updates:

 * Bourbon Street X-Mas Rock Party, LCB, Wuppertal (D) -- 17.12.2016

* Koyle, Top100 Live, Alphen (NL) -- 26.11.2016
* Baggio (TVOH), Top100 Live, Alphen (NL) -- 26.11.2016
* Feuerengel, Fluor, Amersfoort (NL) -- 12.11.2016
* Feuerengel, Hedon, Zwolle (NL) -- 11.11.2016

* Lord Volture, Extase, Tilburg (NL) -- 20.10.2016
 * Nice Try, MC Demonic Heads, Ratingen (D) -- 15.10.2016

 * Cone Club, Mehrgenerationenhaus, Mettmann (D) -- 24.09.2016

* Doel, Belgium -- 20.08.2016

* Vandenberg's Moonkings, Westerpop, Delft (NL) -- 16.07.2016
* Bourbon Street, Watt Rockt, Wattenscheid (Bochum) (D) -- 08.07.2016

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